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Do AirTags make noise?

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Keeping tabs on your stuff has become more and more important these days. Apple, which is known for its cutting-edge technology, came up with AirTags to tackle this issue. Air Tags are tiny, coin-size tracking devices that are designed to help you find your lost items using your Apple device’s Find My app. One of the most frequently asked questions about Air Tags is, Do Air Tags make noise?

In this article, we have discussed does AirTags make noise what different sounds an AirTag makes and what they mean.

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Does AirTags make noise?

Yes, the AirTags make a sound for various sounds for various reasons and they are mentioned below:

  • Initial setup: When you’re getting your AirTag ready for the first time, it’ll make a little chime sound to let you know it’s ready to connect.
  • Locating: If you misplace your AirTag, you can hop on the Find My app to make it play a sound. The AirTag will beep pretty loudly until you track it down.
  • Anti-stalking feature: If someone else’s AirTag ends up tagging along with you, it’ll start beeping after a while to let you know it’s there. This is to stop AirTags from being used to secretly track people.

Different sounds made by Airtag

There are various sounds that an Airtag makes, we have discussed what different sounds an Airtag makes and what they mean:

  • Connected chime: This sound lets you know that the AirTag is ready to be set up.
  • Setup chime: This sound tells you that the AirTag has been set up successfully and is good to go.
  • Find My chime: This sound helps you find the AirTag when you’re searching for it using Find My.
  • Unexpected Tag alert: If there’s an AirTag you don’t recognise that’s been travelling with you for a while, this sound will let you know.
  • Unknown AirTag alert: This sound plays when you’re trying to find an AirTag that you don’t recognise.
  • Continuous beeping: This sound starts playing when an AirTag has been separated from its owner for more than 24 hours.


Can AirTag be used to track people?

No, AirTags should not be used to track people, if AirTag is used to track people without their consent, it will be a breach of privacy and it is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Why is my AirTag beeping?

If your AirTag is beeping continuously there can be various reasons behind that. For more details explanations on why the AirTag beeps and how to stop it check out our article.

Can you customise the AirTag sound?

No, you cannot customise the AirTag sound.

Is the AirTag sound loud?

Yes, the sound emitted by the AirTag is relatively loud which makes it easier to find your lost item.

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