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Does AirTag need to be charged?

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Even before its launch in 2021, Apple’s AirTag had generated high anticipations over its use to track items like luggage or other items by attaching AirTags to your belongings and tracking them through the Find My app. An AirTag is a small circular metal that can be accessorised as well as engraved. Apple sells AirTag accessories separately.

In this article, we will be focussing mainly on whether or not your AirTag can be charged when you notice that it is running low on battery.

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AirTag’s battery composition

Now, as all of Apple’s products are rechargeable and available with built-in Bluetooth, dismally AirTag is not one of them. AirTags have a battery called CR2032 in which the first letter stands Lithium-Manganese dioxide (the chemical composition) and the second letter for the shape, which is round. They have a voltage of 3 volts, a cell diameter of 20 mm, and a 3.2 mm thickness.

AirTag’s battery can be replaced not charged.

Even though the batteries are perfect to be carried around being lightweight, ergonomic, and small with high resistance to temperature, as AirTags should be, they are non-rechargeable. The battery life lasts for a year with everyday use according to Apple due to the chemical composition of lithium and manganese which provides a longer battery life at a low-load discharge.

AirTag’s battery check

If your AirTag’s battery is low, which will probably be a year from your purchase, you will get a notification on your iPhone as AirTag’s Bluetooth status is visible next to your other devices in the Find My app. You can manually check the AirTag’s battery by following the steps given below if you have not received any notification:

  • Head to your Find My app and open the Items tab.
  • If you have more than one AirTag, then tap on the one whose battery level you want to view.
  • Unless the charge is low, if there is no Low Battery sign appearing under your AirTag’s name then you are good to go.

How to change AirTag’s battery?

The battery of the AirTag is easily replaceable as it has a stainless steel back cover for the battery that comes off when pressed and slightly rotated anti-clockwise to remove the cover. After this, you can remove the old battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery with the positive side facing upwards.

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You do not require any special cell for this Apple product and any CR2032 battery available at stores will work.

A sound will affirm that your battery has been connected and screw on the back cover clockwise. Keep in mind that these coin-shaped lithium batteries are ingestable, so some of them might come with a bitter-tasting coating to avert children; however, such batteries might not align correctly inside an AirTag. So, avoid using bitter-coated CR2032 batteries in AirTags; ask the seller before buying them.

To conclude, replacing an AirTag battery is fairly effortless since the batteries are widely available, which makes AirTags a valuable commodity to have during your travel or while walking your pet, especially if they have a penchant for wandering off. AirTags can be used to track anything valuable and in transit.

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