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Does Bereal notify screenshots?

BeReal is a rather unique social media app that encourages its users to live in the moment by asking them to post a photo randomly during the day. The app also doesn’t have any sort of moderation algorithms in place that keep you from viewing what your friends are posting. 

BeReal accounts don’t really have profiles where you can see all the posts uploaded by someone. Instead, you see their currently active post for up to 24 hours which is then replaced by the next one. This means that if you want to see someone’s old post or save a current post, your best bet is to screenshot the entire thing. 

In this article, we’re talking about whether or not BeReal notifies the post author if you take a screenshot. 

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Screenshot notifications on BeReal

The short and quick answer is, yes. When you take a screenshot, the original post author can see if their post was screenshotted including when and by who. The app doesn’t quite send push notifications unlike other apps such as Snapchat, instead, it just shows a screenshot icon on top of the post to the author for them to see later. 

The app will inform the post author if you take a screenshot.

There’s also another twist here. The way BeReal discloses screenshots is slightly different between Android and iOS. On iOS, while BeReal will tell you how many times your post has been screenshotted and how long ago, it won’t give you the names of the people who took the screenshot unless you post your BeReal on another app. You don’t necessarily have to publish that post, but sharing the photo with another app is required, at the very least. 

For Android users, seeing who has screenshotted their post is a simple matter of tapping the screenshot icon. Another thing to keep in mind is that the screenshot icons are different between the iOS and the Android apps.

What about BeReal Memories?

Just like Snapchat, BeReal Memories is a collection of all the BeReal posts you’ve uploaded in the past. This section is not publicly available as it’s only visible to the post author. 

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