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Does Groupme notify people if a screenshot is taken?

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Groupme, former Grouply, is a decade-old group messaging app. Users can use the services by logging in with their email accounts. phone number or through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Groupme syncs all the contacts, and then you can create groups of up to 5000 members and start chatting.

In this article, we will see whether Groupme notifies you if someone takes a screenshot of your chat or the media you shared or not.

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Does Groupme notify screenshots?

There are many apps that do notify a user if someone is taking a screenshot of the conversation. But unfortunately, Groupme is not such an app.

Groupme does not notify users if a screenshot is taken.

This raises a ton of privacy concerns. So. users must take necessary precautions while chatting on Groupme.

Here are some necessary precautions that one must take if he/she is planning to use such apps in general:

  • Always follow this general rule to never share your private pictures on any such application, especially on those apps which do not notify screenshots.
  • Never mention your location or bank account details if you talk to anyone on the internet.
  • When taking a screenshot, you must ask the other user or users.
  • You should never use screenshots for the wrong reasons or with malicious intentions.

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Chats are necessary, but so is privacy

You cannot run away from online interactions, especially in this era of digitalisation. But it is equally important to protect your privacy and security. Follow the precautions we mentioned, and you are good to go.

You can also use such apps which notify users about the screenshots. This can, to some extent, allay some concerns, but eventually, you have to take the ultimate responsibility to protect your online privacy.

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