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Does VSCO notify people of screenshots?

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VSCO, or Visual Supply and Company, is a photo and video-creating and editing app. A sibling of Instagram with a focus on your photos and videos where you can share your art and perspective with your friends or the world if your profile is public. With the vast number of editing tools available on VSCO, the resulting photos and videos are unique pieces of artwork.

Since art is easily plagiarised, we will discuss whether VSCO sends a notification when a screenshot is taken in this article.

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Notification: Buzz or no buzz?

If you have taken a screenshot of someone’s photos or screen-recorded videos, VSCO will not notify them.

Yes, do take a sigh of relief. VSCO and most other social media platforms that deal in photos and videos marginally protect the copyright privacy of their users. If you have set your account to public and do not want to be plagiarised, we would suggest making it private.

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Why screenshot VSCO profiles?

Apps like Snapchat, BeReal, or Instagram‘s vanish mode inform the user if a screenshot has been taken. Art is a very movable and valuable commodity. Before the Internet, one would and continues to buy expressions of art like paintings, sculptures, music, and films, among others.

It can now be copied or plagiarised, and you can take a photo or a screenshot of it to remember. The value of owning any artwork is in a steady decline.

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People don’t feel the need to pay for a unique piece of artwork when they can easily capture it on their devices. Hence, owning NFTs brings forth a feeling of certain ownership in this meta-sphere of sharing bubble.

Pleasing but ethical?

In VSCO, one can easily take a screenshot of any aesthetic photo they like or screen record a video made by someone else. If you know the person whose artwork, including photos and videos, you take a screenshot, then you should take their consent. Sharing or using screenshots of someone else’s photos and videos without their consent is unethical, plagiaristic, and a violation of their privacy.

If you have taken screenshots on VSCO of a profile other than yours, we suggest you delete them. If you believe someone else has taken a screenshot of your profile without your consent, you should block and report them.

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