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Does Ring work with Google Home?

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As more and more companies push out their own line of products, they’re developing their own ecosystems within which these products work well. However, each company has the edge when it comes to a certain product over the other which means these smart home devices need to work together regardless of the company that makes them. 

In this article, we’re talking about Ring smart home devices working with Google Home, whether they’re compatible and how to get to them to work together. 

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Ring and Google Home integration

Long story short, Ring and Google Home devices do work together, but there’s a catch. There are certain restrictions when it comes to controlling Ring devices from a Google Home or Hub. 

The functionality isn’t restricted to a point where the devices are unusable, but you will still require the Ring app on your phone at the very least to unlock the full potential of your Ring devices. 

You can however do simple things like start a recording, check battery levels or change the settings, but that’s pretty much all you can do. More advanced features like checking the live feed from your Ring doorbell cameras will require the app. 

Ring devices do support basic functionality on Google Nest Home devices.

To reiterate, Ring lights, doorbells, chimes and cameras are all compatible with Google Nest Home and Hub devices, but functionality will be limited to basic controls, features and settings. 

The reason for these restrictions is rooted in the fact that Ring and Google’s Nest are two competing companies in the smart home space. Both companies have their own lineup of smart home devices and their own smart assistants — Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. You can use Ring devices to their full capabilities when using them with Alexa or Nest devices with Google Assistant. The only real difference here is the ecosystem. 

There are workarounds that the tech-savvy can use to get around these restrictions, but they often require downloading third-party apps like IFTTT which might require you to pay extra in form of a subscription for added functionality. 

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Setting up Google Home and Ring devices

Setting up devices from both platforms should be relatively easy. All you have to do is link your Ring and Google accounts and you should be good to go. This can be done using the Google Home app rather easily. Here’s how. 

  • Open the Google Home app and tap the plus icon in the top left. 
  • Tap Set up device. 
  • Tap New device. 
  • Select the home you want to add the device to and tap Next. 

The Google Home app will now start looking for any available devices in your house and automatically add them to any Google Home devices you might have. Alternatively, you can link your devices together using the Google Home Assistant Services page for Ring devices.

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