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Does Slack notify screenshots?

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If you have come across some content on Slack that you need to jot down immediately but don’t have the time to copy it down on a piece of paper or maybe you could take a screenshot. However, does Slack, a messaging app for businesses, notify the other person when we take a screenshot of their chat?

It can be a perplexing dilemma since many other messaging apps like Snapchat and Instagram vanish mode as well as a few other apps notify the other person when you take a screenshot. In this article, we will be determining whether Slack notifies the other person if a screenshot has been taken.

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Notification dilemma

No, Slack does not notify the other person when you take a screenshot of their chats, photos, or videos.

In an important app like Slack where a multitude of messages are shared that are private for every company, taking screenshots is not a crime. Hence, you can take a screenshot on their mobile or desktop app as well as their web extension. As vast amounts of information are exchanged on this platform, Slack holds no one responsible if they take a screenshot every now and then. However, to respect the privacy of your fellow colleague or employees, you should not take screenshots of their private messages without their permission.

Slack keeps tight security in place to protect you and your company by encrypting data at rest and data in transit. Their tools like Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM), integrations with top data loss prevention (DLP) providers, as well as audit logs, help keep your data safe and protected. Furthermore, they have internationally recognised certificates on security. However, they cannot control the data on any third-party site that you might visit from their platform.

Monitoring screenshots

Even though Slack does not inform the other user if you take a screenshot of their private chat, they can monitor your screenshots if your employer has set the following features in place:

Screenshot Monitor

The Screenshot Monitor on the Slack app directory. It helps employers track their employees and actually see the work being performed by them. It tracks the time and money spent on every task by each employee. Everything from tracked time to screenshots of their work, project, and task notes is sent to the employer to be reviewed online. Until the stop button is pressed, time and regular screenshots of their current work will be uploaded online.

Enterprise Grid

If an organisation has an Enterprise Grid subscription, then it can set up a mobile passcode which will require biometrics or a passcode to bypass on an unmanaged mobile device. If your device is unable to recognise your biometrics, you will need to enter a six-digit passcode and after this, you will not be able to take screenshots on any Android device in any workspace of the Enterprise Frid organisation. This barrier does not apply to iOS devices at the moment.

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