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Does Twitter notify screenshots?

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Twitter is one of the world’s most unique and popular social media platforms with millions of users around the world. While it stands out against most other social media platforms when it comes to user interaction and the way it works, it doesn’t exactly pull ahead when it comes to user security and privacy. 

In this article, we’re talking about whether or not Twitter notifies users when you take a screenshot of their tweets, photos or profile.

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Does Twitter send screenshot notifications?

No, Twitter doesn’t inform users whether their tweets, images or profile has been screenshotted by anyone. While screenshot notifications remain exclusive to the likes of Snapchat, Twitter does not have any type of screenshot protection or similar features in place to protect user privacy. 

While Twitter’s response to stories — fleet has long been discontinued, the no screenshot notification policy applied to the now defunct feature too. This meant that while your fleet would’ve disappeared 24 hours later, anyone could take a screenshot without the knowledge of the tweet author and keep the tweet or media with them. 

Speaking of media, downloading media from Twitter is also very easy and as you can probably guess by now, doesn’t inform the post author at all. If it’s a simple picture, you can just screenshot the post without any worries about sending an alarming notification. However, if you’re dealing with a video file, you can use external third-party downloaders to save them locally. 

Twitter is built for engaging other users and creating an audience, hence, visibility on the platform is rather important as it assumes every user is trying to be as visible as they possibly can. While there are tools that can tell you a lot of metrics about your tweets built into the platforms, screenshot notifications aren’t present on purpose as it can be a hassle to deal with hundreds or even thousands of screenshot notification flooding popular Twitter users’ phones. 

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