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How to subscribe to Twitter Blue?

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After debuting over a year and a half back in Australia and Canada and rumours of its India release, Twitter Blue is now available in India for ₹650 per month for desktops and ₹900 for iOS and Android users.

The Blue subscription was also launched in Indonesia and Brazil, which brings the number of countries where Twitter Blue is available to 15.

Twitter Blue’s key features include the following:

  • Blue checkmark
  • App icon customisation
  • Undo timer on tweets
  • Edit tweets up to five times within 30 minutes of posting it
  • Full HD (1080p) Long videos of 60-min on Twitter web and 10-min on iOS and Android
  • Bookmark folders
  • Reader for threads
  • Fewer ads

Twitter Blue subscribers in the USA can now tweet up to 4000 characters in a single post, up from 280 characters — which is double the original limit of 140. However, the post will be capped at 280 characters with a show more option. All users, regardless of their Twitter Blue status, can read the 4000 character-tweet.

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How to subscribe to Twitter Blue?

You can subscribe to Twitter Blue through your desktop in the following steps:

Step 1: Select Twitter Blue from the menu on the left of the desktop or mobile.

Step 2: Choose your preferred subscription – annual or monthly. The annual plan comes with a 12% discount.

Step 3: Enter your payment information.

After payment, you will be greeted with a notification that informs you that Twitter will take some time to review your account. You will also receive an email confirming your subscription to Twitter Blue as well as a notification.

With Twitter Blue, you can get early access to select features with Twitter Blue Labs. Twitter Blue allows you to set your profile picture to any NFT owned by you.

Twitter will provide a better reading experience by showing you the top articles shared by those you follow.

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Customise your Twitter Blue

You can choose an app icon or arrange your app look according to your preference by following the steps given below:

  • Select ‘Twitter Blue’ from the menu on the left of your mobile screen.
  • Tap on Extras.
  • Tap on Custom Navigation where you can customise your navigation bar and design the look of your app.
  • You can tap on the App icon option to choose your favourite app icon. This may cause the app or any shortcuts to close temporarily.

Twitter Blue has also introduced a Reader feature that allows you to change the text size of tweets by clicking on the book button. You can increase the text size of your reading thread with this button. You can find this button within any tweet.

You can also set a timer on the tweets you would like to undo at some point in time. In addition, to choosing the tweet you would like to undo, your edit history will also be visible to anyone who wants to know the evolution of the tweet.

Twitter Blue allows you to organise multiple bookmarks into folders to avoid confusion and mindless scrolling. Get the content you want whenever you like.

Twitter API will not be free starting from February 13 and there will be a $100 per month charge for low-usage API. There will also be a limited free plan available for Twitter API.

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