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What happens when you mute someone on Twitter?

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You might relate Twitter with a social media platform where people use their voices to speak on various topics. A platform where your voice can be heard. With the world population currently at 8 billion and growing, that is a lot of voices who want to be heard. Hence, sometimes you may want to tune out some of this population that follows you or you follow them for as simple a reason as not liking them anymore.

In this article, we will discuss about what happens when you mute someone on Twitter.

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Muting tweets by twats

There can be many a times when we come across a tweet or two that we dislike. Although, if it has been tweeted by your uncle or any other relative, friend, colleague, or even your boss, you cannot unfollow them without being rude. Luckily for you, Twitter’s Mute feature can handle your anger. It can help you by diminishing that person’s tweets on your feed without unfollowing them.

Twitter’s features try to enhance your user experience and make it more positive. Hence, you have the power to control your feed and only interact with the people you prefer. So what happens when you mute someone? Some consequences are:

Cleansed feed

All the tweets of the account that you have muted, disappear and your Twitter feed gets completely cleansed. Your feed only allows tweets from unmuted people whom you follow or don’t follow.


Unlike the restrict option in Instagram and Facebook, Twitter only has a mute feature. So you can receive direct messages from a muted account, however you won’t be notified about their messages. It is almost like taping a person’s mouth shut virtually (avoid IRL).


As mentioned before, you will never receive notifications when a muted account messages you. You will not be notified when a muted account replies on your tweet or mentions you somewhere. So push notifications will be switched for all muted accounts. If you are following the muted account then their activities will be mentioned in the notification bar. If you are not following this account then their activities will not be shown at all.

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Previous tweets

All the tweets posted by the person that you have muted are removed from your feed. The slate is wiped clean but this only happens for accounts that you are following.


If you are following the muted person then when you tap into a conversation that they have responded in, you will be able to see their reply. On the other hand, it is different if you have muted someone that you are not following. If you tap into a conversation that the muted person have responded in, you will not be able to see their response.

Retweets and mentions

If someone who has been muted by you happens to mention you in a conversation, you will not be notified. In case, you are not following the muted individual and they open a conversation on you, you will only be able to see the responses of people whom you follow, regardless of whether they are muted or not. Twitter will not notify you when you are mentioned by a muted account that you do not follow.

You can check all of your mentions by searching your username, If an unmuted account retweets a muted account, it will not be visible to you. You will be shown a This Tweet is unavailable message.

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