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Does WhatsApp work without WiFi?

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With an ever-changing scenario in the world of social media where new features drop every few days, WhatsApp competes by bringing out new feature-laden updates every other month. To keep up with these updates, one certainly requires enough mobile data or to be connected to WiFi for larger updates. If however, you are unable to connect to the internet, then would WhatsApp work?

In this article, we will delve further into whether WhatsApp could work without WiFi and include ways in which you can save data.

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New WhatsApp settings

On January 5 this year, WhatsApp released a new feature called Proxy setting. This feature allows users without any internet connection, especially useful during an internet shutdown, to use WhatsApp through independent proxies set up around the world.

Here, people can connect to a proxy server set up by the proxy provider, who can see your IP address but not your messages as WhatsApp’s core belief of having end-to-end encryption is followed. A proxy server can be set up with ports 80, 443, or 5222 as well as a domain pointing to the proxy server’s IP address.

Currently, media cannot be shared through these proxies as they are built to only handle messages. Before joining a proxy server or hosting one, make sure that you have the latest version of the app. You can follow the steps given as follows to connect to a proxy server:

  • Head to WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of your app. From the drop-down menu, tap on Settings.
  • From the given list, tap on Storage and Data.
  • Now, select Proxy settings.
  • Tap on the toggle in front of Use proxy.
  • Then tap on Set proxy and type in the proxy address and tap on Save.

You can also tap on Learn more and a browser will open up where you can read more about this feature. Whatsapp requests the private sharing of these addresses with users.

If you’re unable to send any messages on WhatsApp using a proxy server then that server might be blocked. If the connection is successful, then you’ll be able to see a green check mark.

Other ways of using WhatsApp without WiFi

Not as effective as a proxy server, you could try to lower your WhatsApp data usage to save your mobile data if you are unable to connect to any WiFi network. You can send messages offline, come online for a few seconds till the messages are sent, and then go offline again. You can also follow the first two steps given in the section above, Settings > Storage and data > Use less data for calls, to allow lower data usage when a call is made via WhatsApp.

Furthermore, you can switch off the automatic media download of your device through your setting or set it to downloading on WiFi only. Refrain from sending large files including videos over mobile data as it consumes more energy and data.

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