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How to know if someone deleted their Whatsapp account?

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps these days. The app covers you on all fronts; you can send messages, make calls and even send money these days. 

However, in an attempt to protect user privacy, Whatsapp doesn’t exactly tell you a lot about the person you’re trying to contact. In this article, we’re looking at how to know if someone deleted their Whatsapp account.

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Identifying deleted Whatsapp accounts

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. There’s no definite way to tell if a Whatsapp account has been deleted. There’s not much difference between someone blocking you on Whatsapp or deleting their account. 

In either case, you’ll stop seeing some information from their side. Including:

  • Profile picture
  • Status
  • Last seen timings (Depends on the person’s privacy settings as well)
  • Message delivery status

Out of the four factors mentioned above, the only thing you should really be looking out for is the message delivery status. If you can’t see the profile picture, status or the last seen but your messages are getting through (getting double-ticked), the Whatsapp account is active and, in fact, receiving messages.

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Should you stop getting double ticks, one of three things is happening. You’ve either been blocked by the person, they’ve deleted their Whatsapp account, or they don’t have internet access.

The final factor can be weighed out by waiting a little bit to see if your message gets delivered. If it doesn’t, it’s either of the first two factors. The best way of determining the cause is to get out of Whatsapp and get in touch with the contact through other means. 

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CT Editorial Team