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How to download MX Player web series?

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Based out in India, MX Player is one of the leading video streaming platforms with over 280 million active users globally. MX player carters Movies, Tv shows, songs and web series in multiple regional languages, and many of them can be watched for free.

Free content might sound intriguing to many, but they do not come without ad interruptions which can be annoying when binge-watching your favourite show.

This is where the download feature in the MX player helps the most. Any movie or episode you download will be ad-free; moreover, these downloads can be done using wifi, putting less strain on your Internet data.

We have got you covered if you are having trouble downloading web series in MX player.

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How to download the MX player web series?

Downloading the entire season at once is impossible in MX player, so you have to download every episode individually. Follow the step by step guide below t0 know how?

How to download MX Player web series?
  • Open the MX player app on your smartphone, and go to the online video section.
  • In the online video section, you will find different movies, shows, and songs.
  • To Filter out the web series, click on the WEB SHOWS on the menu bar, as shown in the screenshot above. Or locate the Web show by name using the search bar.
  • Now Select the episode you want to download and watch offline.
  • Once you have opened the programme, you will find a download option in the bottom centre. Press the download button.
  • The application might ask you to link a Facebook or Google account, if not already, to enable the download feature.
  • After linking the said account, a prompt will appear asking for video quality preference; Pick any listed quality and click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  • As the download finishes, click on the Local button in the bottom left corner of the window.
  • Now go to the MX Player Downloads folder.
  • Click on the Series to open the downloaded episodes.
  • Choose the episode you want to watch, and with a single click on the tape, you will play it right away.

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