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Emojis on Twitter will now be worth equal characters in word count

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To cut down on the confusion regarding character counts on its platform, microblogging site Twitter has announced that all emojis on the platform would now amount to equal word count.

Due to differences in the character counts amongst emojis and written text, many emojis including the ones with gender and skin tone variations have been counted as more characters, creating confusion.

“In support of recent updates to Unicode, Twitter will now count all emojis equally, including those with gender and skin tone modifiers,” the company announced via a blog-post late on Thursday.

To provide users the ease to express themselves more elaborately, Twitter previously increased the number of characters from 140 to 280 per tweet.

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“This update marks significant progress for our service because everyone can now benefit from the additional room to express themselves with more characters,” the post added.

Additionally, Twitter has also released an update to their “Open Source” library – Twitter text 155 – to account for these changes.

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