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eSports gear: Do you really need it?

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eSports gear: Should you buy gaming accessories?

Gaming-centric equipment and accessories for PCs have been around for quite some time now. While some of them are beneficial, take a deeper look, and you’ll see most are just not all that useful.

For example, gaming mice are almost a necessity today. Not only they offer better tracking and performance, but the added functionality that they bring makes everything a lot easier.

Similarly, mechanical keyboards are the keyboards of choice for any professional gamer? Why is that? Simply because the performance and feel of a mechanical keyboard are way better than that of any other type of keyboard. Again, there are features these keyboards have that make them unique and more suited for gaming.

However, at some point in time, these features just become useless. I’m talking about unnecessary controls, crazy high DPIs settings and, you guessed it, RGB.

If you look at the lowest tier of gaming accessories, the only thing that separates them from non-gaming accessories is the RGB lighting. For all that matters, in most devices the lighting is preset, and you have no control over it.

For some reason, most people tend to think that any peripheral with lighting built into it becomes gaming peripheral. As you can guess, most people are wrong.

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Do you really need gaming peripherals?

As mentioned above, while a good gaming mouse or mechanical keyboard can and most probably will enhance your gaming experience, it is in no case an absolute necessity unless you’re competing at the highest level at least.

Moving on of mice and keyboards, there are a plethora of different gaming peripherals out there. I’m talking about headsets, routers, eyeglasses and even chairs.

Gaming headsets can be justified. They usually provide a wider soundstage as compared to regular headsets. The mic quality also tends to be better. Besides, having one more RGB-lit peripheral isn’t too bad.

eSports gear: Should you buy gaming accessories?

They also tend to be more comfortable as they are designed to be worn for a comparatively more prolonged duration of time.

Gaming routers can be a bit sceptical. They do provide some benefits, but the hefty price tag that they come with usually outweighs the pros. So unless you have a boatload of cash to spend, save yourself some money and plug your PC to the router using a LAN cable.

Moving on to other stuff, what we have in this category aren’t peripherals. I’m talking gaming eyeglasses, chairs, gloves and even shirts.

Now gaming eyeglasses are just regular eyeglasses with anti-glare lenses. If you already wear spectacles, you probably already have anti-glare lenses. If you don’t, you can give these a try.

As far as gaming chairs, gloves and shirts are concerned — no sir, getting a $500 gaming chair is in no way going to improve your K/D ratio in any game.

But hey, at least you get RGB on your chair right?

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