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Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

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Buying a gaming mouse for the first time can be a confusing experience. There are many choices, all from a thousand rupees to then thousand.

In this article, we bring you the top seven gaming mice for all budgets.

Razer Lancehead

The Razer Lancehead is a simple mouse made with one goal in mind, destroy its competition.

Razer’s mechanical mouse switches are unparalleled when it comes to clicking accuracy and sound. The clickiness of this mouse will give you butterflies in your stomach.

Other than that, the mouse probably has the sickest RBG lighting on any mouse ever. Razer’s Chroma leaves everything in the dust when it comes to RGB.

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The sensor’s max DPI is 16000. The mouse is also ambidextrous shaped, meaning both left and right-handed users can use it.

The Lancehead is priced at about 7000 INR. At this point, you get nothing but the best, and this mouse certainly lives up to the expectations.

You can get the Razer Lancehead here

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RedDragon CentroPhorus M601

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The mouse sounds like a Roman gladiator and certainly lives up to the name. At just under 1000 INR, the M601 has a lot to offer.

The build quality is decent. The mouse is covered with a matt black coating that feels soft and premium to the touch. The buttons have good travel and are quite sturdy. The mouse has Teflon feet and even has adjustable weights.

There’s red backlighting almost all over the mouse. There are two extra programmable buttons on the left side as well. The mouse sensor can go as high as 3200 DPI.

Overall a solid buy if you’re looking for your first gaming mouse.

You can get RedDragon CentroPhorus M601 here

Dragon War Thor ELE G9

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The Thor ELE G9 by Dragon war is an excellent first choice for a gaming mouse.

Clocking in just under 1300 bucks, the Thor brings total justification to its price. The mouse has a soft matt coating all over it that is nice to the touch and gives a premium feel.

In terms of performance, the mouse is equipped with a 3200 DPI sensor with BlueTrack technology. There are two programmable buttons on the side that are satisfactory to click. There’s also a rapid-fire button that comes in really handy in FPS games.

Probably the most significant selling point here is that the mouse comes with a free mousepad that is itself worth about 300 INR itself.

You can get the Thor ELE G9 here

TeckNet Raptor Prime

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

If you’re looking for a wireless mouse that doubles up as a gaming one, look no more.

The TechNet Raptor offers plug and play compatibility with pretty much every device you’ll use it on. The mouse has a solid plastic build. The left and right click buttons have some flex but nothing that’ll bother you.

The mouse also has two extra programmable buttons and one DPI switch button. The mouse sensor is 4800 DPI max. The Raptor Prime uses a single AA battery and can run for as long as 12 months on a single battery.

Small footprint, good grip, comfortable to carry and long life, that pretty much sums up the Raptor Prime. The mouse is also really pocket-friendly at about 1199 INR.

You can get the TeckNet Raptor Prime here

Logitech G300s

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The G300s by Logitech is an extremely reliable gaming mouse.

The mouse features an ambidextrous shape, meaning it can be used by both left and right-handed people. There are also plenty of buttons on the mouse, a total of five programmable buttons. The max DPI is 2500

The mouse has a very subtle look to it. The Logitech software also provides numerous options for customising the mouse and its functionalities. You can set many profiles for various games and software.

Coming in at 1299 INR, this purchase sure won’t disappoint you.

You can get the Logitech G300s here

Logitech G502 Hero

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The G502 Hero is another shining start in Logitech’s excellent line of gaming mice.

The mouse has a unique shape that snugly fits inside the palm of your hand. The curves and edges on the mouse give it a very futuristic look and use Logitech’s HERO line of sensors, the most accurate made by the brand ever.

Apart from this, the mouse has 11 programmable buttons, max DPI 16000 along with adjustable weights. The RBG lighting on the mouse is also a beautiful arrangement.

Coming in at about 5799 INR, the mouse sure calls for some money, but is worth every penny you spend on it.

You can get the Logitech G502 HERO here

Logitech MX Master

Top 7 Gaming Mice for all budgets

The third Logitech mouse on this list, the MX Master isn’t a gaming mouse, but the all-around performance that this mouse offers makes it hard not to recommend.

The MX Master is functionality inside out. The mouse can pair with multiple computers at the same time. The mouse has a very professional look to it as well. The rechargeable battery can last up to 70 days.

Majority of the mouse’s features are dedicated to productivity but the overall look, feel and performance of the mouse make it a nice experience while gaming as well.

If you’re looking for something that’s the best of both worlds, this is the mouse you need.

You can get the Logitech MX Master here

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