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How to copy and paste in EssayTyper?

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Targeted towards students, Essay Typer is an automated platform that can be used to create essays about thousands of topics with a few keystrokes — quite literally as all you need to do is press random keys on the keyboard.

Essay Typer is a “combination of magic and Wikipedia”, as the creator, Bay Gross, puts it in the About section of the website. It’s also not recommended to use the text created by Essay Typer directly for any kind of submission — academic or professional — as the essays are copied from different sources on the web.

While you can’t use these essays for submissions, they can still be useful for quick research on your topic.

Although a popular tool among students, one of the main issues with Essay Typer remains that you can’t copy text from the essay or paste text of your own into the essay, because as mentioned above, the essays are plagiarized, and the copy and paste function are disabled on the website to help people fall into trouble by copying and adding text directly to their document.

However, if you need to copy the text for future reference or would like to add some of your own notes to the essay, there is work through that can help you copy and paste in Essay Typer and here we’ve explained that.

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How to copy and paste on EssayTyper?

Since you can’t copy and paste in Essay Typer directly, you’ll need to use the developer’s console on the web browser. Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as that might’ve made it sound; let’s get into it and copy or paste text from your essay quickly.

Step 1: Highlight a part of the essay using the mouse and right-click. Then click on Inspect from the options that appear. Alternatively, you can also use the CTRL + SHIFT + I keyboard shortcut.

Step 2: Now locate <textarea id-“essay_body” under the Elements tab to the right and click on the dropdown arrow icon to its left. This line will usually be highlighted when you open the developer’s console.

Step 3 (Copy on Essay Typer): First left-click on the essay text that appears below and then right-click on the text. Select Copy from the options that appear, followed by Copy element.

Copying text from EssayTyper

The entire essay text will be copied onto the clipboard of your PC and you can now paste it in your word editor.

Step 4 (Paste on Essay Typer): Right-click on the highlighted essay text in the developer’s console and click on the Edit text option from the menu,

Editing or paste text in Essay Typer

You’ll now be able to paste text into the essay as well as remove any text you don’t want to include there.

Once you’re done editing the text, click on the grey area to its left and the changes will be saved (as shown below).

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