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Facebook Gaming toolkit allows creators to remove comments in real-time

Facebook Gaming rolls out a toolkit for creators, which allows them to lay chat rules for their community before going live, remove comments, mute and ban people in real-time.

The new toolkit for creators comes with a moderation dashboard which contains resources for preventing harassment, protecting their privacy and other tools to safeguard them.

Using the toolkit, creators can set chat rules for their stream, which viewers would have to accept before they can leave a comment. There are several presets for the rules to choose from, and the creators can add custom descriptions too.

Another significant feature in the toolkit is the ability for creators to mute viewers for a short period, block users and also remove comments in real-time. If a creator blocks someone, they will still be able to stream their content but can’t comment or react, and their previous comments are removed automatically as well.Facebook Gaming toolkit allows creators to remove comments in real-time When blocking or muting viewers, creators can also choose which rules were violated to provide better transparency for the actions taken by the moderator and give a clearer picture of why someone was banned, which is useful in educating people who broke the rule inadvertently and didn’t mean any harm.

Facebook Gaming toolkit for creators is currently being tested with a small group. It will be rolled out globally in the coming months after its capabilities are expanded and upgraded based on the feedback from the pilot run.

“We know gaming has changed over time, and so have the people who play, so it’s important for us to support creators and their moderators by helping set guidelines for positive conversations,” Clara Siegel, Facebook Gaming Product Manager, announced. “What may be considered competitive banter in one streaming community might be considered toxic in another. Gaming creators are tone setters, so that’s why we’re releasing a toolkit to help them set guidelines for positive conversations in their community.”

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