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Facebook Posts and Notes can now be exported to Docs, WordPress, Blogger

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Expanding its data transfer tools, Facebook has announced that users will now be able to transfer their Posts and Notes from the social media platform to Wordpress, Google Docs and Blogger.

The tool already allows users to export their photos and videos from Dropbox, Google Photos, Backblaze and Koofr. The company also announced that they’re renaming the tool to ‘Transfer Your Information’.

Any posts and notes saved on Facebook can now be quickly exported to Google Docs or blogs on Wordpress and Blogger. The data transferred will be encrypted, and users will need to enter their password to begin the process, 

The company has also called for guidelines to be revisited regarding the flow and security of data through channels.

“We plan to continue expanding our data types and partners in the future. However, the ecosystem we are building to support data portability will not come to fruition without regulation that clarifies which data should be made portable and who is responsible for protecting data once it has been transferred,” Facebook announced on Monday.

This photo transfer tool, which was rolled out by Facebook in December 2019, is based on a code that was developed through the company’s participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project, which was launched in 2018 and in addition to Facebook, includes companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter..

Data Transfer Project aims to enable users to port their data from one online platform to the other. This is being done through collaboration among online organisations via an open-source framework, which can connect the two service providers using existing APIs and authorisation mechanisms.

The social networking giant has also announced that they’ll be limiting and restricting content regarding George Floyd on their platform as the verdict for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of the murder, is prepared.

“Under our policies, we will remove content that praises, celebrates or mocks George Floyd’s death. We will allow people to discuss, critique and criticize the trial and the attorneys involved,” Facebook announced.

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