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FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

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EA Sports has already given their audience a glimpse of what the next iteration of its famous football video game — FIFA 19 — will look like with the reveal trailer.

Just like every other year, FIFA 19 is slated for a late September release this year too and just like FIFA 2018, this one too features Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover.

Brazilian sensation Neymar Jr. also joins the Portuguese great for the Champions and Ultimate edition covers of FIFA 19.


FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

The game will be launched on September 28, 2018.

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and PC Origin players can pick up the upcoming edition three days earlier on September 25 if they pre-order either the Ultimate or  Champions edition of the game which comes with other FUT packs and other in-game goodies as well.


PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will support the new edition — FIFA 19. An important thing to note here is that few of the features will be unavailable on Nintendo Switch.


FIFA 19 is already available for pre-order via the official Playstation, Xbox and Origin game stores. All the prices below are for pre-orders and the game might cost the same or more on release.

On Origin for PC the Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5499), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4799) and the Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3499).

On the PlayStation store, FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5499), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4499) and the Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3375).

For Xbox on Microsoft store FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5500; INR 4950 if you have EA Access), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4800; INR 4320 with EA Access) and Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3500; INR 3150 with EA Access).

For Nintendo Switch, FIFA 19 Champions Edition costs $79.99 and the Standard Edition costs $59.99. The Nintendo Switch players don’t have the option of the Ultimate Edition.


Yes, after two successful seasons, Alex Hunter has now secured a move to Real Madrid and will return with The Journey as the number 29 of the Los Blancos.

The only bad news here is that Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Switch owners will not get to be a part Alex Hunter’s journey as this mode isn’t available on these consoles.


FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

EA Sports first introduced the Frostbite Engine with FIFA 17, which was carried over in FIFA 18 and now will also feature in FIFA 19 — giving the game an enhanced in-game environment, making it feel closer to the real world.

Last year around, a few consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Switch weren’t able to make use of FIFA 18’s Frostbite engine as the hardware in these consoles couldn’t support the heavy graphics needed for Frostbite.

This year too, the Frostbite game engine technology and ‘The Journey’ — which stars Alex Hunter plying his trade at Real Madrid — will only be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

New Kick Off and Tournaments

FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

The ‘Kick-Off’ on the home screen of the game has been given a refreshed look in FIFA 19 as it now caters to all playstyles and skill levels. Players can choose to play different types of matches from Cup finals to custom House Rules such as Survival, Long Range, Headers, Volleys and more.

The new tournaments showcase the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super cup both in the Kick-Off menu as well as Career mode.

Active Touch System

The active touch system in FIFA 19 makes a huge change to the way players receive and strike the ball. The new feature provides enhanced control over the ball and improves fluidity.

This results in a better, more creative gameplay. The host of new first touch tools such as the disguised trap, flick-up volleys or skill-specific animation (like the Neymar Trap) are now available to make the game even more interesting.

Dynamic Tactics

FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

This new feature allows players to set up multiple tactical approaches, in-depth customisation pre-match and options for dynamic in-match adjustments from the D-Pad.

With each tactical approach, players can combine formations, mentalities, and both attacking and defensive play styles. This makes it even easier to customise tactics in any situtation.

Timed Finishing

Timed finishing feature adds a new layer of control to your goal-scoring prowess — whether you’re hitting from outside the box, heading the ball or it’s a deft touch.

50/50 Battles

With 50/50 battles, user reactions and player attributes now count for more than before when engaged in a duel with the opponent. This feature has created increased teammate intelligence as well as spatial awareness, which increases the difficulty in challenging for possession.

Ultimate vs Champions vs Standard edition

  • While both the Ultimate and Champions edition gets you a three-day early access to FIFA 19, Standard edition doesn’t
  • You’ll only gain up to five Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs as against 20 and 40 in Champions and Ultimate editions
  • Standard edition only gets you Cristiano Ronaldo on for loan for seven FUT matches, while the other two editions get Cristiano and Neymar Jr. too.
  • In addition, Ultimate and Champions editions also get
  • Champions league player pick — choose one of five 80 to 83 rated gold players from qualified teams and Special Edition FUT Kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists

EA Access, Origin and Xbox members get earlier access

FIFA 19: 11 Things to you should know

EA Sports is also offering a free week-long trial before FIFA 19 officially releases to its EA Access members, Origin members and Xbox One Gold members too.

This means that people with the aforementioned memberships will be able to access the game free of charge before it releases even for those who pre-ordered it.

This free trial starts on September 20, 2018.

If the member proceeds to purchase the game as soon as the trial is over, their game progress will automatically be carried to the purchased version and they’ll also receive a discount of 10% on the net value of the title.

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