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How to fix Final Fantasy XIV unexpected error occurred 6D?

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Many players are facing an error in Final Fantasy XIV, the error comes as ‘an expected error has occurred. exiting Final Fantasy XIV (6D). The players are facing this issue when they click on the Play button and this error pops up, this error started occurring after the players updated the game from patch 5.2.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of Final Fantasy XIV unexpected error occurred (6D) and five ways to fix the error.

What are the causes of Final Fantasy XIV unexpected error (6D)?

Here are a few possible reasons that might be causing the FFXIV unexpected error occurred (6D):

  • Other programmes are interfering with the game.
  • Launcher is not allowing the game to run.
  • Corrupted game files.

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How to fix the error?

Below we have mentioned the different methods to fix the FFXIV unexpected error has occurred (6D):

Run Steam as an administrator

It is possible that Steam is not allowing the game to run properly. Running an application as an administrator will allow the app to edit, run and modify key system files and settings. So run Steam as an administrator, it might work for you as many users have fixed this error through this method. To run Steam as an administrator follow the step below:

Step: Right-click on the Steam icon and then in the drop-down click on the Run as administrator option.

Uninstall MacType

Many users have mentioned on different forums that uninstalling MacType has resolved the error for them. Mactype is a Windows program but it is not an essential Windows OS. Mactype.dll is known to change the behaviour of other programs on your PC or manipulate them. So uninstall the MacType and run the game again. The usual address for the MacType.dll is C:\Program Files\MacType\.

Use a third-party launcher

Using a third-party launcher to run the game has helped many players to resolve this error, they did not get any error when they launched the game through a third-party launcher. You can use third-party launchers like XIVLauncher.

Click here to download XIVLauncher

Reinstall the game

Reinstall the game as there might be some corrupted files that are causing this error. Uninstalling the game will delete all files on your PC including the corrupted files and then fresh installation will install the fresh files.

Restart the PC

It is possible that there are other programs that are interfering with the proper functioning of Steam and the game. So completely close Steam and then restart your PC and then try to run the game again.

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