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How to find presets for Adobe Premiere Pro

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One of the most common things I’ve seen editors complain about is the fact that all presets are paid. In reality, all the good ones are. However, this doesn’t mean that the free ones are bad either. If you look closely, you’ll find some pretty decent free presets for a bunch of things. In this article, we’ll talk about how can you find free presets and how to use them.

In all honesty, it’s just a google search away. If you’re complaining about the fact that all good presets are paid, you clearly haven’t done your research.

Sure creators like Peter McKinnon and Matti Hapooja have made some dope presets, and they sell them. But there are still plenty of creators out there that offer free presets.

Now while the type of preset you’re looking might be different, the underlying principle is the same. You just have to look for them. So let’s go find out some free transitions.

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Step 1: As I said, let’s start with a google search

That’s a good start

As you can see, I have hundreds of results on the first page itself. Let’s have a look at the first one.

That’s a long list

Great. Here are about 20 super cool looking transitions. It is a complete video demonstrating the transitions as well as a tutorial on how to use them.

You can find that video here

Step 2: Finding the download link.

This is as easy as scrolling to the description box. Often you’ll find other free presets by the creator.

Everything you need is right here

And there you go. In a matter of minutes, you’ve found yourself 20 transitions to make your editing workflow way easier.

Now, as you continue editing multiple videos, over time, you’ll build a massive library of presets including but not limited to LUTs, Titles, motion graphics transitions, and so on. The point is, don’t let a price tag you can’t afford at the moment dishearten you. There is a free alternative out there.

Yes, paid presets are generally of higher quality and have way more production value as compared to the free ones. You should also consider the fact that those presets compress years of expertise into a couple of clicks. It is apparent that they’ll go for a price.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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