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What does format as ExFat mean in PS5?

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The PS5, or PlayStation 5, is a video game console that came out in November 2020. It’s an upgraded version of the PS4 and has lots of better features, including faster storage. But, unlike its older version, the PS5 has a storage problem. It only has about 667GB of space for games and stuff.

Because of this storage issue, many people look for other ways to store their games. One common solution is to use an external hard drive. This is like an extra storage device you can plug into your PS5. It lets you save more games and make copies of your important files.

In this article, we have discussed what exFat is, what format as exFat means in PS 5 and how to format USB storage on a PS5 console.

What is exFat?

exFAT is short for Extended File Allocation Table, a file system format developed by Microsoft. It was designed to address the limitations of its predecessor FAT32 by offering compatibility with larger file sizes and storage capacities.

While FAT32 is limited to handling files no larger than 4 GB and storage devices up to 2 TB, exFAT can accommodate individual files exceeding 4 GB and storage capacities beyond 2 TB, making it an ideal choice for modern applications such as high-definition videos, high-resolution images, and large game files.

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What does format as ExFat mean in PS5?

When you connect an external storage device, such as an external hard drive or SSD, to your PS5, you can format it as exFAT. This choice is particularly useful for gamers who want to expand their console’s storage capacity without being hindered by file size restrictions. The PS5 can now read and write files larger than 4 GB by formatting the external drive as exFAT.

Benefits of exFAT Formatting

  • Game Storage: Formatting your external storage as exFAT on the PS5 allows you to store and play games without being restricted by file size limitations.
  • Media Compatibility: Beyond gaming, exFAT formatting enables the PS5 to directly play media files like high-definition movies and music collections from the external storage device.
  • Easy Transfer of Data: Formatting external storage as exFAT simplifies transferring files between devices. This can be particularly useful when bringing game saves, videos, or other media to another console or computer.

Format an external Hard drive on PS5

If you are using an external hard drive on your PS5 console for the first time, you will have to format it first to make it compatible with the PS5. Follow the steps below to format the hard drive.

Step 1: Connect the external hard drive to the back of your PS5.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Storage > USB Extended Storage > Format as exFAT.

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