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What is Fortnite Rule 34? All Fornite rules explained

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Gamer communities are famous for coming up with unofficial rules or codes in-game that most seasoned gamers abide by. While gamers who have been hooked on to a particular game know these rules inside out, possibly coming up with some of them on their own, newcomers often find them confusing.

In this article, we’re going over some rules from Fortnite, so the next time you’re in-game, and someone cites a certain rule, you know what’s going on in-game.

Fortnite Rule 34

Rule 34 states that there is adult content related to the game circulating online. So don’t be surprised if you find something out of the blue. This is a pretty common rule in other games too.

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Other Fortnite rules explained

Here are some of the most popular Fortnite community rules.

Rule 12

Rule 12 states that anything a gamer says in-game can be (and most likely will be) used against them. So take time and think before you shoot that spicy comment in the in-game chat.

Rule 13

Rule 13 is an extension to rule 12, stating that what a player says in-game can be turned into something else. Say one thing wrong, and you’ll be a meme before you know it, don’t @ us. 

Rule 23

According to Rule 23, any vote in a party should be a majority one. This includes which player to kick, what game mode to play, drop location and anything else.

Rule 24

Another extension rule states that any player has the right to intervene. So if you’re in a shootout and someone else hops in with loads of ammo and full health, don’t be annoyed; it’s just a game.

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Rule 30

This one’s a bit sexist and easy to prove wrong. Rule 30 states that females don’t play Fortnite. One look at Twitch will prove anyone who holds this rule up wrong. 

Rule 31

Rule 31 states that a player must be 13 or older to participate in competitive tournaments.

Rule 32

Rule 32 states that any player bragging about their achievements in-game should have footage or screenshots to back up their claim. This is a pretty popular rule in a lot of games. 

Rule 33

According to rule 33, players should keep unnecessary comments to themselves. Anything wrong can easily hurt someone or, worse, backfire.

Rule 35

Rule 35 is an extension to rule 34. It states that if rule 34 doesn’t apply to something in-game, it will soon enough. 

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Rule 37

Rule 37 states that no matter how bad an an-in-game situation seems, someone out there has it worse. Lost a gunfight while reloading or lagging? Someone out there can’t even get over 12 FPS, so keep calm and keep playing.

Rule 63

Rule 63 states that there are gender-swapped versions of every game character out there on the internet.

Rule 64

Rule 64 states that there are alternate versions of Fortnite in an alternate universe. Fair enough, the multiverse is a big part of the Fortnite story.

Rule 69

The rule compels games to respond “n”ce” anytime the number comes up in-game. If you know, you know. 

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