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What is Minecraft rule 34 and why does it exist?

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Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is one of the highest-selling games since its release in November 2011, with an estimated 200 million copies sold. If you’re one of the millions of people who enjoy the game and have been playing it for years, you might’ve come across the terms ‘Minecraft rule 34’ or ‘Minecraft r34’.

If you’re wondering what rule 34 in Minecraft is or why it exists, first, we’ll have to talk about what rule #34 of the internet is and how it reflects on Minecraft’s rule 34.

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What is Rule #34 of the internet?

Rule 34 of the internet suggests that if a particular topic exists on the internet, there is bound to be sexually explicit or pornographic material about it without any exceptions.

What is Rule 34 in Minecraft?

Continuing on the same path, Minecraft’s rule 34 indicates that there is pornographic material related to the world of Minecraft, which might include the characters in the game.

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Why does Minecraft rule 34 exist?

We’ll have to go back to rule 34 of the internet for this one. As mentioned above, rule 34 of the internet suggests that if something is on the internet, there’s going to be sexually explicit material about it available as well.

Hence, bizarrely enough, there is pornographic material available related to Minecraft as well. This isn’t surprising given the game’s popularity, with tens of millions of people playing it globally, and many of them are adults.

Minecraft is a safe for work game with multiple servers for various multiplayer mini-games as well as single player environments and doesn’t itself remotely include any explicit graphics.

However, as it goes on the internet, there is explicit imagery available for everything on the internet, and the same is the case for Minecraft.

Apologies if you came here looking for some Minecraft porn, but you won’t find any of that here, and if you’re old enough, you probably don’t need our help to find what you’re looking for either.

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