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What is Apex Legends Rule 34? All rules explained

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The internet has always been creative with its own rules for different games that act as an unspoken code within said games. Pretty much all popular games have specific rules that the community came up with themselves.

The thing is, while older players might be familiar with these rules, newcomers often find them perplexing as they don’t have the context needed to understand them. Sure they find out eventually as they invest more hours in the game. 

In this article, we’re talking about Apex Legends, and some of the rules the community has created among itself.

Apex Legends Rule 34

Fans of the game are allowed to view and publish any content whatsoever regarding their favourite in-game characters. The content can be published or viewed anywhere on the internet and often ranges from simple digital art to full-blown fan-made videos that may not be suitable for all ages, like adult content.

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Other Apex Legends rules explained

Apex Legends‘ player base has also come up with several rules of their own. Here are the rules you need to know about.

Rule 24

The rule states that players have the right to “third-party” an ongoing fight. This is a common phenomenon in battle royale games where a third squad or player jumps into an ongoing battle between two other players or squads.

Rule 32

You can’t claim an achievement if you don’t have proof. This is why you’ll see a lot of players recording or taking screenshots of their games. If you did something big like getting a lot of kills in a match or getting them quickly, or dealing a lot of damage, you should have proof to back your claim.

Rule 33

Do not use the in-game comms, audio or chat, unless absolutely required. Essentially, keep unnecessary chatter off the main comms channel.

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Rule 35

The rule is essentially an extension to rule 34 and states that if you find no content to your liking from any of the in-game characters, you can ask the community to make it for you. 

Rule 63

Lastly, the community accepts gender-swapped versions of in-game characters and you’re allowed to refer to your favourite characters in whatever gender you please. 

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