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How to check for Frontier outage? 

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Frontier Communications is an American telecommunications company specialising in local and long-distance telephone and other internet-related services. Unfortunately, as we are writing this article, Frontier seems to have an outage in a few areas of the US.

We checked with Downdetector and confirmed that there is indeed an outage in the Tampa Bay area. Here’s how you can fix the issue.

Checking for Frontier outage

If you have opted for an internet connection from Frontier, here are two simple methods by which you can check for Frontier internet is not working in your area.

From the Frontier website

  • Go to from your browser or click here.
  • Select Check for service outages and then enter your billing telephone number.

You will get a confirmation from Frontier if there is indeed some problem with the internet.

By checking Downdetector

Downdetector shows internet disruptions in your area. Go to Downdetector and then enter Frontier in the search console. You will know for sure if there is an outage in your area. Here’s a screenshot of Frontier services. You can see that the outage peaked at around 11 AM on January 24.

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Fixing Frontier internet outage issue

There can be a lot of reasons for an internet outage, and not all are related to the company itself. Sometimes, you can fix the internet by yourself. Here are some tips you can try before calling the company or visiting their website.

  • Restart your router to fix some minor bugs in the system. Wait for at least 30 seconds to a minute before restarting.
  • Check that the website’s address is error-free and correct. Watch out for spaces.
  • If you have an issue with the dial tone, ensure the phone is connected securely to the wall socket. Also, check the socket to confirm that it is working alright. Check the batteries and charge your device if you have a cordless phone.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) might cause problems with your internet. If you notice that a particular website is not working correctly, try to tweak your VPN settings.
  • When you are streaming any high-definition video or playing some high-intensity video game, it might slow the network. You should pause these activities for optimal internet speed.
  • Recheck the devices’ wires and ensure that all wires and cables are properly connected and are not loose.
  • If you are using Frontier’s services, you can call the company.

We hope that you will have successfully checked and resolved the Frontier outage by following the steps and processes mentioned above.

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