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What does FYTB mean?

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Every now and then over the internet, new internet slangs are invented by people, either becoming a fad and wither in a while or staying online as a trend for years. One such well-known and popular slang that is used by a lot of people online is FYTB.

And here we’ve discussed what does FYTB mean, how to use it and how not to use it in a conversation.

What does FYTB stand for?

FYTB stands for ‘F*** You Talking ‘Bout’.

Herein, ‘bout is interchangeably used for The word ‘about’. The slang uses the F word to emphasise the point in a conversation and is a popular term among the youth. It is used to exclaim — angrily and even in an amusing or excited tone — concerning the topic of the conversation.

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How to use FYTB?

FYTB can be used as a form of an expression to ask the other person what they’re talking about in an angry or a tone of shock (could be pleasant). The sender uses this expression to show these emotions in a shorter form over text messages.


Person 1The new boy in school accidentally hit your car which is parked outside.
Person 2FYTB!

FYTB can also be used to show amusement about something by the sender to the receiver who has just informed about something that might excite them.

Person 1After waiting for days, I have finally got the tickets to the movie we were waiting for.
Person 2FYTB, that is so exciting!

How not to use FYTB?

FYTB should not be used in front of a person who has no idea about what this stands for, and the essence of this acronym as the F-word could be offensive to them.

FYTB slang is extremely casual. Hence, it should not be used in a professional setting to show any excitement as it might be perceived as unethical and inappropriate.

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