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Top 7 games like A Little to the Left 

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A Little to the Left is liked by puzzle lovers worldwide. In this game, you have to take care of and organise your home while protecting it from a mischievous cat who will try to dismantle your household.

This simple and amazing game features about 100 puzzles along with hints to easily navigate through the levels. Thus, A Little to the Left is a casual puzzle game you can play anywhere and get the satisfaction of protecting your well-organised home from that feline.

But what to do if you have completed the game? Don’t worry as in this article, we’ll list the top 7 games like A Little to the Left that you can try once you have finished the former.


This game is part puzzle, part home decoration where you have to take out items from a box and set them into your new home.

These are not just random items but are memories that you will unpack, right from childhood to older people. Along with unpacking the items, you will learn the stories associated with it.

This game is quite relaxing as there are no timers or scores. So, take your time to unpack things. Remember the good old times and go at your own pace. In today’s world of fast-paced, high-energy times, this game brings a moment of zen for the people.

Get Unpacking on Steam

Wilmot’s Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse is based on the premise that you will have efficiently run a warehouse. The players will play as Wilmot, an employee of the warehouse who is responsible for putting the boxes in their respective place.

However, as the game progresses, more boxes will pour in, making it difficult for Wilmot to keep up. What’s interesting is that this game gives you full autonomy while arranging the boxes. You can arrange the boxes based on size, colour, or your creative thoughts.

If everything is fine, you will earn the Performance Stars that you can use to upgrade.

Get Wilmot’s Warehouse on Steam

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Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is available on almost all platforms including App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Nintendo. In this game, the players have to find tiny people in the landscapes that look like hand-drawn work of art.

The landscapes include dense forests, cities, and farms, among others. The game supports both touch and accessories. The game features more than 2000 mouth-origiated sound effects that will give you an immersive experience.

The game has been received well since it was launched in 2017. and has won countless awards including the iPad Game of the Year (2017), IMGA: Jury’s Honorable Mention (2018), Anifilm: Best Game for Kids and Teenagers (2017), and BIG Indie Pitch San Francisco: Best Game (2016), among others.

Get Hidden Folks on Steam

Room to Grow

Play as a cactus and make room by pushing other plants out of your way while maneuvering around walls and other obstacles.

The game features over 100 puzzles and mind-bending mechanics which makes Room to Grow different from other puzzle games.

Furthermore, players can keep at their own pace as the game features no timer, clocks, or counters. This, along with a delightful music, makes the game a must try.

Get Room To Grow on Steam

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Mini Metro

Become a subway planner and design a metro network that is efficient. Design a system to connect all the stations to the subway. Remember, the stations should be connected so as to allow the commuters to quickly reach their destinations.

Each station will have a certain number of commuters and depending on the density, you will build the metro. Also, the city is expanding meaning new stations will have to be build increasing the load on the subway. This also means that the initial design will have to be upgraded as per the load.

The gameplay can be hectic or relaxed depending on the levels. Players will engage in three modes — Normal, Endless, Extreme — based on their level. The game also features big cities like London, Paris, NYC, Osaka, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Auckland, among others.

Get Mini Metro on Steam


ISLANDERS offers a unique city building experience with minimalist approach. The game has several islands where you will build a expansive city, right from small settlements to big bustling metropolis.

In the starting, players will get some basic inventories that you will place on the island. Each building that you will place will get your rewards. When you get enough rewards, the inventory will restock and you can unlock new buildings.

Once your city is big enough, new islands will unlock and you can start there. The game is basic and it features no hi-fi objects such as helicopters, guns, lootboxes, etc.

Get ISLANDERS on Steam


In this game, you will see four panels containing illustrations and you have to combine these four panels to create a masterpiece.

You can zoom in or out, rearrange, or combine these images to solve the puzzles. Gorgoa blends unique arts to create an amazing gameplay.

The game won the 2018 BAFTA Games Awards and Best Mobile Game and the Innovation Award at the GDC 2018 Choice Award.

Get Gorogoa on Steam

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