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Top 7 games like Club Penguin

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Club Penguin was a delightful game where the players are offered a virtual free world with various interesting activities. Players were presented with a penguin avatar that could be customised as per the players’ preference.

Launched in 2005 by the New Horizon studio, the game gained a massive online following of hundreds of millions. The game offered some paid membership benefits, including clothing, furniture, and pets.

The developers cared about child safety and included features such as Ultimate Safe Chat, filter comments, and moderators who patrolled the game.

This massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and its creator company was bought by Disney in 2007. The game ran for a decade more after which the company decided to shut down the game server leaving fans disappointed.

However, people all over the world wouldn’t let this legacy be wasted. The game saw many private server hosts which prompted Disney to take action and eventually, many of them were shut down again.

In this article, we will list the top 7 games like Club Penguin that you can play.

Animal Jam Classic

The game was developed by WildWorks and launched in 2010. Even after 14 years, the game is going strong and you can download the game from the website for Windows, Google devices and iOS.

The game features stories that inspire kids to explore and quench their thirst for knowledge. Kids and even teenagers discover various facts related to zoology while solving puzzles, interacting virtually with other players, in-game partying, and venturing out on adventures.

Players can learn about different biomes and create animals like Bunny, Wolf, Tiger, Koala, Panda, and Monkey. The housing facilities in the game are called ‘dens’ where the players have their base and from there they can explore and interact in this virtual world.

Get Animal Jam Classic here


This online pixelated game is also another contender for replacing Club Penguin. The game was released in 2000 and after about two decades has over 316 million registered avatars and 500 million rooms.

Here, you can create and develop your personal avatar and explore the online world of Habbo. Remember to customise and add styles to your avatar and make it unique so as to stand out among your peers. You can also join any in-game community as per your preference.

What makes Habbo a top contender on this list is the fact that the game has a fan following among older generations. The game features a hotel and from here navigates to other places including public rooms, and customised guest rooms.

The game features three currencies — Credits, Duckets, and Diamonds — and features real-world institutions such as police departments.

Get Habbo here

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The third game on our list is Protropica, an online game designed mainly for kids, that is, for players between the age group of 6-15 years.

Protropica allows the players to create a character and then explore the tropical islands and complete the challenges. Furthermore, the player can customise their avatar with various accessories including outfits and collectables. On each island, you will find several NPCs. Chatting with the NPCs will reveal further clues about the mission.

The game features six villains — Copy Cat, Speeding Strike, Sir Rebral, Crusher, Ratman, and Betty Jetty. Defeating the villains is one of the primary objectives of the game. Protropica can be quite a journey as the game features stories from mythologies and history.

Get Protropica on Steam

Get Protropica on Cool Math

Bin Weevils Rewritten

Bin Weevils Rewritten is a fan-made revival of the older Bin Weevils game which was popular in the 2000s. Players can create their own Bin Weevil avatars and become whoever they want. They can grow a garden, become a secret agent, run virtual businesses or provide/take retail therapy at the Shopping Mall.

The game offers several customisation accessories that you can buy or win to decorate your avatar and room. For buying items, the game features a Nestco shopping department for your needs. Every month, the best nest wins an award. So, decorate your nest creatively.

Get Bin Weevils Rewritten here

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Are you mesmerised by the supermodels? If yes, then this game is for you. In the game, you can create and customise your own supermodels and lead them in the fashion industry.

The customisation involves almost everything, from the skin colour to hair, makeup and clothes. After that, the second stage involves designing your lifestyle — whether you want an iconic beachside apartment or a central city high-rise.

You can also be involved in romantic angles and can even host an engagement party with your significant other. Furthermore, you can get pets and transform them to match your personality.

Get Lady Popular here


Neopets is the oldest game on the list and is one of the most popular virtual online games. In this game, the players can adopt and customise pets. The players will then have to take care of them along with following multiple storylines and adventures.

The game was launched in 1999 and has garnered over 150 million subscribers till now. The game features a mystical realm of Neotopia filled with hidden challenges where the players have to navigate and complete the task with their pets.

Furthermore, the game features its own currency known as Neopoints. You can use this currency to further upgrade and customise your pets for additional features.

Get Netopets here

Toontown rewritten

Toontown Rewritten is an online MMORPG game which is a revival of the old Disney’s Toontown Online. The original game was shut down in 2013.

Players can create a toon character and then take it to fight against the evil characters known as Cogs. The game offers massive in-game customisation features that you can use to upgrade and make your toon cooler. Furthermore, the game offers an expansive environment where you can build your own home and garden.

To pass time, you can engage in various activities including playing games, completing tasks, and joining other groups. For upgrades, players will have to use the in-game currency, Jellybeans. Players can earn this currency by completing tasks or finding them in the world.

Get Toontown Rewritten here

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