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Which gas stations accept Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay has become a convenient and secure way to make payments, and it’s not just limited to retail stores or online shopping. Apple Pay is safer than credit and debit cards because it keeps your money info private and doesn’t share it with the stores. Many gas stations across the USA now accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

If you’re wondering which gas stations accept Apple Pay, here’s a list of gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

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Gas Stations that take Apple Pay

Numerous gas stations in the US accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Since there are many gas station companies, the list below might not include every gas station that accepts Apple Pay.

Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay in-storeAccept Apple Pay at the pump 
7-Eleven Yes Not accepted at the actual gas pump in most stations 
Wawa Yes Yes 
Valero Yes Yes 
TravelCenters of America (TA) Yes Yes 
Sunoco Yes Yes 
Speedway Yes Yes 
Shell Yes Yes 
Sheetz Yes Yes 
Raceway Yes Yes 
Racetrac Yes Yes 
QuikTrip Yes Yes 
Phillips 66 Yes Yes 
Meijer Yes Yes 
Maverik Yes Yes 
Kwik Fill Yes Yes 
Kum & Go Yes Yes 
Fina Yes Yes 
Family Express Yes Yes 
ExxonMobil Yes Yes 
Delta Sonic Yes Yes 
Cumberland Farms Yes Yes 
Costco Yes  
Conoco Yes Yes 
Circle K Yes Yes 
Chevron Yes Yes 
Casey’s General Stores Yes Yes 
BP Yes Yes 
ARCO Yes Yes 
Amoco Yes Yes 

How to find a Gas station near you that takes Apple Pay?

It is really simple and easy to find gas stations that accept Apple Pay; you need to use Apple Maps, search for the nearby gas station and then tap and check the information about the gas station. If there is an Apple Pay sign, that gas station most likely accepts Apple Pay; you can also call the station to confirm whether they accept Apple Pay.

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