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Gemini button could soon arrive on Gmail Android app

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Google is likely to add a Gemini button to the Gmail Android app to expand the AI capabilities to the email service after integrating it with Workspace. The button will help users summarise emails and facilitate various tasks within Gmail.

While the integration of Gemini in Gmail for Android is not yet official, insights gleaned from the APK teardown of the Gmail Android app (version 2024.05.19.635289964) by Android Authority suggest a range of potential functionality.

Through the new star icon button, positioned alongside familiar options like archiving emails, users can access reply suggestions, adjust the tone of drafted responses, and engage in non-email tasks such as asking more queries in addition to email ones.

One notable aspect observed during testing was Gemin’s ability to leverage content from past emails to a limited extent, providing context and information relevant to user queries. However, full integration akin to the web version’s capabilities, including access to undread emails within the chat window, remains pending, indicating ongoing development efforts.

Source: Android Authority

It is important to note that the speculated Gemin button’s rollout to personal Gmail accounts may not be immediate, considering the feature’s current exclusivity to Workspace users on the web platform.

While APK teardown offers a glimpse into the potential future enhancements, the final implementation and availability to all Android users remain subject to Google’s official announcements and release schedules.

On May 17, it was reported that OpenAI added Google Drive and OneDrive integration to GPT-4o, the latest offering by the company. At Google I/O, the company announced some AI-centric functionalities, such as integrating Gemini into Google Photos, Gemini 1.5 Flash for high-frequency, low-latency tasks, integration of Gemini 1.5 Pro across the Workspace, and Project Astra, a helpful AI assistant.

We will surely and steadily witness AI integration in most workflows. While this promises to streamline our work processes, privacy concerns always loom.

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