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How to get a gold chest in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?

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Carrom Pool is a multiplayer board game that has managed to animate the game of Carrom through online media. With customised strikers and classic boards, the game strives to unleash frenzy.

Today the game is played all around the globe, and players compete with each other regularly, So it becomes customary that to be at the top, you have to have the best weapons in your arsenal. And the best solution is to together more and more chests.

Chests carry the maximum loot in the game. You can recover gold, gems and lucky golden shots from them, but the most valuable item they hold is the sticker and punk pieces.

Gathering and putting these pieces together help unlock and upgrade legendary stickers and punks. And, with these upgrades, you get browny points to unlock powers that improve the stickers.

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Play high risked games

The gold chests are not easy to get, and only the high betted Carrom table matches can win you these chests. So before entering these matches, you must first sharpen your skills and unlock better stickers and punks from the pieces looted from bronze and silver chests.

The chances of getting a Gold chest in the Dubai Skybar table (entry fees of 11000 coins) in the game are thin but not impossible. So if you need a Gold Chest in the amateur skill levels then this can be the best place for you to start.

How to get a gold chest in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?

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Goldern Lucky Box

It is a mini-game offered by Carrom Pool to help its users gather more coins and gems. The lucky box is a game in which you have to choose a box out of four, and the award it carries become yours.

There are various levels in the game with lofty rewards that can help you win lots of coins and gems. The Lucky box game has Super jackpot rounds where, if guessed correctly; you can win a Gold chest or even Supreme chest.

How to get a gold chest in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?

Remember, if you choose the box with a bomb, you will lose all your reward. So it’s wise to resign as soon as you have gathered enough.

In-game buying

The auction items in the in-game shop are Gems and Coins only. It does sell Gold Chest in particular, but if you desperately want a Gold chest, the best recourse is to buy Coins and get into costly matches, and if you win the game, you are likely to earn a Gold chest.

How to get a gold chest in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?

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