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GitHub makes private repositories with unlimited collaborators free for all

Github has announced that they’ll be making all of the core features of the platform free for everyone, including making private repositories with unlimited collaborators available across all Github account.

Github required organisations to sign up with a paid plan to use the platform for private development. But now the company has slashed the price for its Team plan from $9 per user per month to $4 per user per month starting today. Existing Team plan customers will also see the change as their billing cycle will reflect the new price automatically.

“Until now, if your organisation wanted to use GitHub for private development, you had to subscribe to one of our paid plans. But every developer on earth should have access to GitHub. Price shouldn’t be a barrier,” announced Nat Friedman, CEO, Github.GitHub makes private repositories with unlimited collaborators free for all While public repositories were free on the platform, users and organisations had to pay to work on private repositories, but following the update, Github is offering the same for free. However, teams that need features like SAML or personalised support, among other advanced features required by code owners and enterprises, can upgrade to one of Githubs paid plans, which now start at less than half the price at $4.

“This means teams can now manage their work together in one place: CI/CD, project management, code review, packages, and more. We want everyone to be able to ship great software on the platform developers love.”

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