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Github video upload feature is now available to all users

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Video uploads are now officially available for all users on Github, which will allow developers to add .mp4 and .mov videos in pull requests, discussions, issues, demo and more.

The feature was first launched in public beta in December 2020 and is now available to all Github users.

Developers can use videos in Github to reproduce a bug and explain it better than they could in words. The feature will be welcome by maintainers who can now avoid the back and forth bug reports with a user and explain more efficiently in a video.

Github video upload feature is now available to all users

Developers can also use videos to explain complex code changes by providing demos or walkthroughs with colleagues and collaborators.

Users will be able to upload videos from Github’s iOS and Android apps.

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“At GitHub, we’ve utilized video to more concisely detail complex workflows, show our teammates where we’re blocked, and inspire our colleagues with the next big idea. Today, we’re announcing that the ability to upload a video is generally available for everyone across GitHub,” Github announced.

The company is also working to bring more features around videos, including video unfurling from links and video annotations in code with Loom and Vimeo.

“We’re excited to see the unique ways you use video in your workflows across GitHub. We hope you will start to bring video into your day-to-day through services you already use, like Loom and Vimeo Record to share project context, provide code review feedback, and share launch updates through free screen and webcam recording.”

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