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Gmail vs Gmail Go: What’s the difference?

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Gmail is one of the most popular emailing services worldwide and to tap into their recently released toned-down Android Go edition device market, Google released Gmail Go app in 2018. Gmail Go is a light (also called ‘lite’ in Android) app, which means that it is lighter than the primary app and can run on low-spec Android Go edition or old phones without stressing the system.

All the Go apps by Google have unique features added to them. For example, Google Go displays trending searches and also has a different design from the official app. Likewise, YouTube Go allows you to see the total amount of data required to play each video. Since the Go apps are the toned-down version of the main apps, you tend to lose certain features. This article will help you to understand the difference between Gmail and Gmail Go.

App Size

One of the significant differences between both the app is their size. Gmail Go occupies 9-10 MB whereas the standard Gmail app occupies 20-25 MB. Even with such small space occupancy, the Go version has some astounding features.27 Android Lite apps to get over your battery, data and storage issues Also read: Top 7 Android apps that help you draw on photos


Gmail Go differs from the rest of the Go gang when it comes to availability. Gmail Go can be accessed through Android Go devices. Google doesn’t allow you to install it on other Android devices citing incompatibility. When we look at the standard Gmail app, it can be easily downloaded from Play Store, if not preinstalled on your devices.

On the other hand, Gmail is available for all Android phones as well as on iOS and other platforms.

User Interface

There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to design. However, when you open the navigation bar, you will find a few tweaks. In the standard app, you have the cover picture and profile photo of the account at the top. But it is different in the Gmail Go app, where you will find the email address only and an option to switch between multiple accounts.How to enable Dark theme on Gmail for Android and iOS?

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Email Sync

Android Lite apps are built to reduce data usage, therefore — unlike the standard app — the Gmail Go has limited the sync period. By default, all the Gmail accounts in the Go app have the email sync setting set to seven days. But you can increase or decrease the sync setting manually as per your choice.

Account Management

In the standard app Gmail app, you can change your Gmail password as well as other account settings within the app itself, but you can’t do the same thing when it comes to the Go app.

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