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Google Assistant learns nine new languages

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Google Assistant becomes more proficient than before with this new update rolling out this week that adds nine new languages to the AI’s skills, adding to the 11 English voices that it understands.

According to Google, the new languages, which include German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, English (UK) and English (India), were developed using Deepmind’s Wavenet technology, that helps maintain a natural sound, pitch and pace.

To change the voice, go to the Assistant app’s Settings and select from the list of available voices. Instead of marking the voice by gender, Google has used colours as the company feels that “it’s important to present these voices to you without labels”.

Those who live in the above-mentioned countries will be assigned a random voice the first time they open the app following the update.

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Last week, following Apple’s several releases, Google also brought automatic Android backups with an update to its Google One app, which offers paid upgrades to the 15GB free cloud storage available to all Gmail users.  With the new update, Google One will enable users to automatically backup their phone data including photos, contacts, messages, apps and more — much like iCloud does for iPhone and iPads.

That wasn’t all, Google announced another update that modified its search ranking guidelines. The update is aimed at identifying and showcasing original reporting at the top of the search results and ensure that it stays there longer. The update is intended to give more visibility to original reporting so that readers can read the stories where they originated, and this will also benefit the publications more.

Google also announced an update to its Photos app that got a new feature called Memories, which archives user’s old images in a stories-like format that’s used by Snapchat, multiple Facebook-owned properties as well as YouTube.

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