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Google Contacts gets a Gmail-like ‘trash’ feature on the web

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Google rolled out an update on Thursday for its Contacts app, which will now feature a Gmail-like ‘trash’ option. Following this update, if a user deletes a contact, it’ll first land up in the trash section and stay there for 30 days before getting permanently deleted.

During these 30 days, users can view that contact, restore it or permanently delete it manually — similar to deleting emails on Gmail.

While users can only access the trash section on, the list will include all the contacts delete across devices and operating systems — web, Android and iOS, among others.

The trash feature in Google Contacts will make it easier for anyone to recover contacts that they’ve deleted accidentally.

End-users can expect the update to reach their accounts over the next two weeks.

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Earlier this week, Google announced that they’ll be investing $4.5 billion (INR 33,737) crore in Jio Platforms Ltd for a 7.73 percent stake, which is their first investment as a part of the Google for India Digitisation Fund.

The Google for India Digitisation Fund, announced a few days before their first investment in Jio, projected INR 75,000 crore ($10 billion approximately) of investment in businesses and projects in the country over the next five to seven years.

It’s funny how Google used up almost half of that projected investment fund for the next five to seven years within the first week on a single investment, in a company that happens to be owned by the richest person in the country.

The two companies will be collaborating to develop an entry-level smartphone that runs an optimised Android OS and Play Store — something the company already offers via its Android Go line of smartphones.

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