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Google introduces AI into Maps and Photos

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Google announced the incorporation of generative AI into Google Maps and Google Photos with the help of PaLM 2 LLM today at its developer conference, Google I/O 2023.

Google Maps is getting immersive views for routes that allow you to view your entire route in 3D before heading out. The interactive maps show the AQI, traffic, and weather. You can even use the time slider to see how the traffic and the weather will be changing that day. If it is raining later, you can carry an umbrella.

Google’s Immersive view for routes

The immersive view has been made by scanning and fusing billions of Street View and aerial images with AI to create a three-dimensional digital model of the world. You can even preview bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections, and parking.

Immersive routes in Maps will be rolled out in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Venice in the next few months.

Google Photos was initially introduced at the 2015 I/O conference and has since seen several innovative features, including the Magic Eraser which has now been combined with semantic and immersive AI to make Magic Editor.

Magic Editor can edit specific areas in an image, anything from a bench, sky, or bird among others.

Google plans on giving select Pixel phones early access to Magic Editor later in 2023.

Google’s Magic Editor

You can make the sky brighter or even reposition the subject and the generative AI tool, Magic Editor, will seamlessly fill in the space. You control the final changes to all edits.

Earlier this year, in January, Google introduced MusicLM which could convert text descriptions into music. Today onwards you can sign up for MusicLM on the web, Android, or iOS. Type in a prompt and MusicLM will create two versions of the song. You can give a trophy to the better-composed track to help improve the model.

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