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Google’s Sentient AI, ransomware attacks, Samsung’s next foldable and more

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Simon Lemoine, one of Google’s software engineers working on LaMDA, has been suspended after claiming that the company’s AI chatbot had become sentiment. Ransomware gangs actively exploit a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability in Atlassian Confluence Servers and Data Center instances to deploy the AvosLocker and Cerber2021 ransomware. 

Recently leaked Galaxy Z Flip 4 images reveal no major changes to the design of Samsung’s upcoming flip phone. Previous rumours suggested that the fourth-gen foldable might have a bigger external screen than its predecessor, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lastly, Telegram is adding a new Premium subscription to keep the service going. The new tier will allow for bigger uploads and faster app performance. 

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LaMDA can reportedly feel things

  • Simon Lemoine, one of the software engineers working on Google’s LaMDA project, has been suspended after claiming that the AI chatbot has become sentient. 
  • Simon works for Google’s Responsible AI team and was talking to LaMDA to determine whether or not the AI model generates discriminatory language or hate speech. 
  • He posted a compilation of interviews with LaMDA over several distinct chat sessions where the chatbot clearly states it has feelings and can feel emotions like happy or sad. 
  • By revealing this conversation, Google claims that Simon has breached the company’s confidentiality policies. 
  • Google announced LaMDA at last year’s Google I/O and hopes the AI model will improve its voice assistants for more natural conversations. 
Google's motto has drifted far from 'Don't be Evil': Former Google Exec
H/t: Simon Lemoine via Medium

Confluence servers actively attacked by Ransomware gangs

  • Ransomware gangs actively exploit a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability impacting Atlassian Confluence and Data Center instances. 
  • The OGNL inject vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-26134, lets attackers take over servers remotely by creating new admin accounts and running arbitrary attacks. 
  • Atlassian had patched the bug as soon as active exploitation was reported. However, proof-of-concept exploits have also been leaked online, making attacks simpler. 
  • Security researchers at Prodaft reported Avoslocker ransomware being found on Confluence servers. Additionally, Microsoft also confirmed the presence of Cerber2021 Friday night.
  • The CISA has also ordered federal agencies to mitigate the flaw by blocking all internet traffic to Confluence servers on their networks. 
H/t: BleepingComputer

No major design changes in Galaxy Z Flip 4

  • Samsung’s upcoming fourth-generation Galaxy Z Flip 4 seems to have just about the same design as the previous generation as per the latest leaked images of the device. 
  • Earlier rumours predicted that the phone would have a slightly larger external display, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. 
  • It was previously reported that the phone would be coming with 512GB storage, twice that of its predecessor. MicroSD card support is still unlikely. 
H/t: Sammobile

Telegram launches premium subscription

  • Telegram has launched a premium subscription called Telegram Premium, offering new features, and resources and reportedly improving the app’s speed. 
  • CEO and founder Pavel Durov confirmed the new tier on his official Telegram channel.
  • While the tier’s specifics haven’t been revealed yet, it’ll coexist with the free tier and offer features like file uploads up to 4GB, animated avatars, new chat management tools and voice-to-text conversions. 
  • Telegram is choosing to roll out a premium subscription now because the platform has been offering free services for the last nine years and has been in a cash crunch. 
  • Telegram has previously tried different ways to monetise the app, including adding sponsored messages to the app’s ad platform. Pavel also attempted to integrate a blockchain platform called TON; the concept was later scrapped, however. 
H/t: TechRadar

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