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Play Store apps will now show an ‘Account deletion available’ badge

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Google is reinforcing user privacy by requiring data deletion for apps on the Google Play Store. Announced last year in April, this policy requires developers to allow users to delete their app accounts within the app and via a web interface to give users greater control over their data, even if they have already uninstalled the app.

Apps on Google Play will show the ‘Account deletion available’ badge in the Data Safety section of app listings, reports Android Authority. This badge indicates that the app complies with the new deletion requirements, providing transparency and reassurance to users.

When users tap on the See details option, they see a Go to developer’s site option, which leads to the account deletion page of that service.

The See Details option will eventually lead to the Go to developer’s site, where users can request that the app delete their account.

Google’s April 2023 policy states that developers must offer data and account deletion options directly within their apps and via a web interface. This dual approach ensures that users can manage their data without reinstalling an app they have previously uninstalled.

Starting in December 2023, Google has been encouraging developers to revise their store listings to include details about app account deletion. Developers were granted the opportunity to seek an extension until May 31, 2024.

Additionally, developers are required to disclose any data retention practices, particularly if certain data needs to be retained for legitimate reasons such as regulatory compliance.

Yet, as the enforcement deadline approaches, non-compliant developers risk serious penalties, such as having their apps removed from the Play Store.

This step by Google is welcome as it will help app users to head to the account deletion page and directly engage with them to delete private data.

Google is also testing biometric login for Find My Device and Remote Lock for Google Play Services for added security.

The company is also looking to integrate Gemini AI into its various services. Soon, Gmail users might see a dedicated Gemini AI button on Gmail that can help in summarising emails and other tasks to boost productivity.

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