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Google tests biometric login and Remote Lock in Find My Device

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Google is beta-testing two major feature enhancements: a biometric unlock option for the Find My Device app and a new Remote Lock functionality within Google Play Services. These advancements aim to boost security and user convenience, marking a pivotal upgrade in Android device management.

Users must enter their account password when they open the Find My Device app. While there is a ‘Don’t ask again’ option, it compromises security by allowing anyone with access to the unlocked phone to use the app’s features.

However, Android Authority reports that the company is testing a new biometric login feature. The Assemble Debug tester enabled a biometric login option for the updated Find My Device app.

Source: Android Authority

In addition to providing an extra layer of security, biometric authentication eliminates the need to enter a password each time you open the app. This feature also ensures that even if someone gains access to your phone, they won’t be able to alter the Find My Device settings without biometric verification.

Apart from the biometric sign-in on Find My Device, Android Authority also found a new Remote Lock functionality within the latest Google Play Services. While Find My Device has long allowed users to lock and erase their phones, the new feature lets users lock their devices with just a phone number and a quick security challenge from any device.

Source: Android Authority

The Remote Lock feature alleviates the stress of losing a device and forgetting account details. Scheduled to be available for devices running Android 10 and above, this functionality will be part of the Google Pay Services update later this year.

Both the biometric unlock and Remote Lock features are currently in the app’s testing phase and are anticipated to roll out soon.

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