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Google Search’s ‘continuous scroll’ comes to desktops in USA

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Google’s continuous scroll that serves six pages or 60 results instead of the top ten is now rolling out to desktops in the US for English search results. The feature was initially released for mobile search in October 2021.

While the feature is currently only available for English searches, a broader rollout to more geographies and languages is expected to follow, similar to the feature rollout for mobile searches last year.

Following this update, people using Google search on desktops will see six pages of search results that’ll load as they scroll before having to click on the “See More” button to load more results.

The infinite scroll feature has been used on popular social networking websites for a while, and the search giant seems to have caught up to the trend, including on desktops.

With this change, the value of staying in the top ten search results might decrease as people will be scrolling more freely, looking at more results without changing pages with clicks.

According to Google, anyone looking for additional information usually goes up to the fourth page of search results.

While most people find relevant links in the top few search results, this will be helpful for those who’d like to dig in more, minus the hassle of tapping on a link at the end of the page to show the next set of results on a new page.

Google has been experimenting and including various elements in top search results, including videos and shopping results. The increased results might also be a mix of different search elements on Google.

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