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How Google is helping veterans search jobs and enhance business listings

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In a bid to better serve the veterans of the country, Google has released new features to its job listing search and also how businesses owned by veterans can gain more visibility in searches.

A lot of veterans returning home from serving a tour don’t always have the exact idea of how they’re going to fit into the civilian life — which jobs they could get through the acquired skillset in the forces.

A similar issue exists for the recruiters who don’t really know how to accurately match a veteran’s experience with the needs of the roles — skills and experience — that they’re offering.

“When I transitioned out of the military in 2014, I asked myself a question that many service members know too well: “What am I going to do next?” For seven years, I had counted on the clear role and security net the military provided. Civilian life, to me, was unknown. Navigating job applications was new, and I remember feeling overwhelmed as I went to job fairs,” writes Matthew Hudson, a veteran, now working as a Program Manager at Google Cloud.

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To create a ‘common language’ that can help veterans understand the requirements of the jobs and recruiters understand the kind of skills and leadership veterans have to offer, Google has introduced these two features to its search engine that helps veterans looking for a job or starting a business.

Google Search: ‘jobs for veterans’

How to use Google's veteran job search and edit veteran business listings

Veterans looking for a job can type in the following search term on Google search ‘jobs for veterans’ and then enter their specific military job codes — MOS, AFSC, NEC, and others.

This will help them find civilian jobs that are relevant to their skills acquired during service. Using Cloud Talent Solution, veterans can enter their military job codes on any career site, including FedEx careers, Encompass Health careers, Siemens careers, CareerBuilder and Getting Hired.

Veteran-owned or led business

After the service, not all veterans would want to take up another job, some might also wish to start their own business and Google means to help their businesses too. There are over 2.5 million businesses in the US that are majority-owned by veterans.

Google makes it easier for people to identify if a business is owned by a veteran. Going to the ‘About’ page of the company in the Google search overview will give you an idea if the business is owned or led by a veteran.

This attribute will come alongside others in the business listing like has WiFi, outdoor seating, casual and others. To make use of this feature, veterans can list their businesses on Google My Business.

How to list your business with veteran-owned or led attribute

Here is how to edit your attributes and add veteran-led to your business listing.

On desktop

  • Sign in to Google my Business
  • Open your listing
  • From the menu, click on Info
  • Find Attributes section and then click on the Pencil Icon to start editing
  • Either search or scroll through the available options of attributes to find the one you’re looking for
  • Select the attributes that you wish to add and then click on Apply
  • Now the added attribute will be available to anyone who searches your business on Google Search or Maps — as shown in the image

On mobile

  • Open Google My Business mobile app
  • Tap on the Menu and then Business Info
  • Find Attributes section and then tap on the Pencil Icon to start editing
  • Select the ones you wish to add then tap on Save
  • Now the added attribute will be available to anyone who searches your business on Google Search or Maps — as shown in the image

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