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How to hide followers on Instagram?

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At all times, we should respect our own and others’ privacy. Has this ever happened to you where someone follows the same accounts as you? This may be due to a friend or stranger copying your choices. You can always make your surroundings safer for yourself by hiding your followers. This way, you can avoid getting stalked or having your friends get harassed by strangers.

This article will discuss how you can or cannot hide your followers on Instagram from pesky stalkers. This article will help you learn how you deal with them.

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Hiding followers from someone

There is no set of instructions here where you can permanently get your followers to list out of public view. Instagram did that with comments on posts, but not yet with this list.

However, here are three methods to guard the privacy of your followers/following list:

Remove the individual

You can remove them from your followers’ list; this way, they will not be able to glance at your followers. Instagram will not inform them about their removal from your follower list. Similarly, you can also stop following them; this will remove their access to your profile completely.

Click here to remove someone on Instagram

Block the individual

You can block the individual or the number of people you don’t want to see in your follower list. You can talk to them, call them out and block them, or directly block them.

There is also an option to restrict the person; however, it does not let them know if their messages are seen. This option also helps you stop them from commenting on your posts or reels.

Click here to block/restrict someone on Instagram

Set profile to private

You can also set your profile from a public to a private account. This stops the traffic that comes to your profile, and no one other than your followers will be able to view your posts, stories and followers.

However, if you aim to increase your followers, setting your profile to private will hamper this growth.

Click here to learn set profile to private on Instagram

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