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How to highlight text on Powerpoint?

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Highlighting text in PowerPoint can enhance your presentations by drawing attention to key points or emphasising important information. Whether you’re creating slides for a business meeting, a classroom presentation, or a conference, knowing how to highlight text effectively can make your content more engaging and impactful.

This article discusses how to highlight text using the PowerPoint web and PowerPoint desktop app in a few simple steps. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Highlight text on PowerPoint web

If you use the PowerPoint web app and want to learn how to highlight text then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the presentation on the PowerPoint web and then select the text that you want to highlight. After that in the Home tab, click on the Arrowhead beside the Highlight icon.

Step 2: Choose the colour for your highlighter.

Step 3: The text you selected will be highlighted. If you want to highlight more text then select the text and just click on the Highlighter icon.

Highlight text on the PowerPoint desktop app

The steps to highlight text on the PowerPoint app are similar to the steps for the PowerPoint web. The highlight icon is in the same pace as well but in the PowerPoint desktop app, you don’t have to select the highlight icon to select multiple non-consecutive texts. Here’s how to use highlight in PowerPoint desktop app:

Step 1: In the Home tab, click on the Arrowhead beside the Highlight icon.

Step 2: Choose the colour for your highlighter.

Step 3: Now, the highlighter is selected, just click and drag over the text that you want to highlight. You don’t have to go and select the highlighter again and again until you select some other tool.

Tips for effective text highlighting in PowerPoint

  • Use consistent formatting: Maintain consistency in highlighting colours throughout your presentation to create a cohesive look.
  • Avoid overusing highlights: Use highlighting sparingly to draw attention to key points rather than overwhelming the audience with too many highlighted sections.
  • Consider accessibility: Ensure that highlighted text remains readable for all viewers, including those with colour blindness, by choosing contrasting colours and avoiding relying solely on colour cues.

By mastering the art of highlighting text in PowerPoint, you can effectively enhance your presentations, making them more visually appealing and impactful for your audience. Whether you’re delivering a business pitch, educational seminar, or creative project, text highlighting is a valuable tool for emphasising your message and guiding your audience through your slides.

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