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Does Hinge have read receipts?

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Make dating a little more natural and stimulating online is what all dating websites and apps aim for; however, that takes a lot of research and innovation. While not all those who enter the market with a dating product are successful at it, there are quite a few who’ve stayed afloat and improved over time. Hinge is one such name that’s continuously reinventing online dating for its consumers.

Hinge also goes a step ahead as far as people’s privacy using the app is concerned and allows them customisation throughout. Not only does the app include some popular privacy features that can be found on other trending dating apps, but it also does away with some — read receipts. While removing sought after features from the app doesn’t really sound good, it works well for Hinge’s target audience.

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Does Hinge Has Read Receipts?

As indicated above, Hinge doesn’t have read receipts. You can’t pay to get the feature either– unlike Tinder where you can pay to see if the other person has read your message or not. Hinge goes a step ahead to protect the privacy of its users and removing the read receipts feature is one of the examples.

While many might criticise Hinge for removing the feature, it does come with its own pros for those who take time framing replies or sometimes are caught by surprise from the respondent’s message and want to counter it with a perfect reply. 

However, Hinge does have a workaround in the form of Your Turn, which reminds a person with a notification in the chatbox to respond to a message they’ve received. This was introduced to reduce ghosting and lead to longer conversations.

If the conversation has stalled, but it did end on a good note, instead of removing a match, you could hide the chat if you see a prospect of striking a conversation some other day.; Even if the other person decides to start a conversation, their message thread will automatically be un-hidden in your inbox.

What are Read Receipts?

A read receipt is a confirmation to the sender that the recipient has viewed the message. In some apps, these also include timestamps when the message was read. You might’ve seen read receipts on Whatsapp, Instagram, iMessage, Tinder, among other popular apps.

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