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Does Tinder have read receipts?

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Read receipts have been around and popular since Whatsapp first released the feature nearly six years ago. You will be able to find the feature in almost every popular social networking or messaging app and Tinder is no different; however, as far as Tinder is concerned, there’s a catch to read receipts.

If you don’t know already, read receipts allow you to know when the other person in the conversation has read your message. You can also turn it off if you don’t wish anyone to receive read receipts from you in a chat.

So, much like matching and face-to-face calls on Tinder, both the people need to be on the same page even where read receipts are concerned.

Do people know if you’ve read receipts enabled?

No, Tinder doesn’t notify the other person in the conversation if you’ve activated the read receipts feature.

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How to enable read receipts on Tinder?

Unlike other messaging apps, read receipts aren’t a free-to-use feature on Tinder. You can purchase read receipts pack of 5, 10, 20 as well as for a single match. If you activate read receipts for a particular match, it counts as one use from the pack. So, if you’ve bought a pack of five, then you can activate read receipts in five individual conversations.

As mentioned above, if someone has turned off their read receipts you won’t be able to see whether they’ve read the message or not. However, if you’ve activated read receipts on their chat, your read receipt counter will remain unused and you can use it in other conversations.

Open the Tinder app, go to the chat where you want to activate read receipts and follow the steps mentioned below.

Does Tinder have read receipts? | Candid.Technology
  • Tap on the Double-blue-tick icon below a message you’ve sent to the match.
  • Then from the pop-up that appears, choose a pack that suits your needs.
  • Once you’ve bought a pack, you’ll be able to see the read receipts in chat, unless the other person has turned off the setting.
  • Aforementioned, tap on the Double-blue-tick icon in any conversation to view the read receipts.

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How to turn off read receipts on Tinder?

Open the Tinder app and follow the steps mentioned below to disable read receipts on Tinder.

Does Tinder have read receipts? | Candid.Technology
Read receipts are turned off here
  • Tap on the Profile tab at the top-right of the screen.
  • Then tap on the Settings icon.
  • Then scroll down on the next page and tap on Manage Read Receipts – Settings option.
  • On the next page, tap on the toggle button beside Send Read Receipts to disable or enable the feature.

As mentioned above, once you’ve turned off the read receipts settings, any of your matches won’t be able to activate read receipts in chat.

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