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What is UberGo and UberPool? Should you use them?

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Uber’s ride tiers facilitate passengers to choose the quality of their travel. During a surge time, users can move onto the next cheaper option. Premium services like UberBlack failed to find a place in India since rivals like Ola attracted customers with lower base fares, and with the convenience of ridesharing. UberGo and UberPool capitalise on these very ideas.

Unveiled over five years ago, UberGo and UberPool have grown to attract the highest volume of users because of its affordable options. This article discusses the nature of these services and if you should ride using them.

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What is UberGo?

UberGo is the cheapest ride option available with Uber. The service has a base-fare of ₹20 or ₹40 when hailing rides in the city. It also boasts the lowest rate per minute and kilometre in Uber’s ride tiers.

Since its launch, UberGo is now used in over 40 cities in India. Two travellers can be seated in a Go (four earlier), whose fleet contains a variety of hatchbacks and other mid-range cars.

The cars are however devoid of services like WiFi. UberGo is tailor-made for individual travellers and also safe for two. A cheaper waiting time coupled with a less steep minimum fare makes for an economical service altogether.

UberGo charges ₹0.75 per minute and ₹9 with every kilometre covered and has kept the minimum fare at ₹60. This results in the ride costing marginally cheaper.

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What is UberPool?

UberPool is a similar service compared to Go, except people can hitch-on a ride passing by when requesting a trip. A quoted fare is shown on the screen, which the users are complied to pay.

One request allows two riders per pick-up. Riders with similar pick-up locations will be matched and the waiting time for a co-rider is restricted to two minutes. One cannot change their pick-up or destination locations once they’ve requested a trip.

Users get the same vehicle choices as they would with an UberX. Travellers are charged a cancellation fee if they fail to show up in due time. The service can save about 50% on a rider’s fare.

Keeping in mind the current state of things, Uber has discontinued Pool for the time being.

UberPool isn’t only economical, it powers environmental consciousness among users too. Since its launch, UberPool has saved more than 10,340 kilolitres of fuel in operating cities.

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Should you use UberGo and UberPool?

With UberPool currently unavailable, customers will have to switch to UberGo for inexpensive rides. Corporate employees with similar pick-up locations can choose Go to scale down individual fares essentially.

UberGo and UberPool are relatively better economically for a customer’s daily commuting needs. Providing economy and comfort alongwith a substantial reduction in carbon footprint using carpooling.

With discounted rates for accountable safety, Go ticks all the boxes of a fast, secure, budgeted cab service.

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Pooshan Singh

Pooshan Singh