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How long can Facebook videos be in the newsfeed?

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Facebook has become a central platform for sharing videos, captivating audiences and building connections. From funny cat videos to inspiring moments and informative content, the Facebook newsfeed has become a multimedia content hub as creators and users seek to optimise their online presence. Given the ever-changing world of social media algorithms and user preferences, finding the right balance between video length and engagement is important.

In this article, we have discussed How long Facebook videos can be in the newsfeed and the best video length for Facebook.

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Video length for Facebook Newsfeed

If you want to post videos on Facebook, remember that the maximum length allowed is 240 minutes for each video in your Facebook feed. This time limit also applies to videos on Facebook Marketplace and in Facebook search results.

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What is the best video length for Facebook?

According to Facebook’s general advice, videos meant for viral content should ideally not exceed one minute. But don’t worry. Even if your videos are longer, they can still perform well. Live streaming, web series, and developing stories are better in longer formats (around 3 minutes or more).

Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm favours videos uploaded directly to the platform rather than sharing links from Vimeo or YouTube. So, uploading your videos directly on Facebook for better visibility and engagement is best.

Video requirement chart

FactorsFacebook feedFacebook MarketplaceFacebook in-streamFacebook StoriesFacebook search results
Source ratio16:9 to 9:1616:9 to 9:1616:9 to 9:161.91:1 to 9:161:1
Video length240 minutes max.240 minutes max.5-120 seconds1-120 seconds240 minutes max.
Objectives supportedAll objectives supportedAll except App Installs, Engagement, Page LikesEngagement, Reach, Video Views, Brand Awareness and App InstallsAll objectives supportedTraffic, Conversions and Catalogue Sales objectives
CaptionsOptional, but recommendedNot supportedOptionalOptionalNot supported
SoundOptional, but recommendedOptional, but recommendedOptional, but recommendedOptionalOptional, but recommended

Remember that the maximum allowed length is 240 minutes when posting videos on Facebook. It’s best to aim for videos under one minute for viral content, but longer formats, such as live streams or web series, can still perform well.

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